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        Key Labs & Engineering Centers

        Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Marine Biology /NAU Institute of Marine Sciences

        Date: 2014-12-16

        Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Marine Biology was established in August 2007,which was officially approved by the Education Department and the Finance Department of Jiangsu, and was associated with the NAU key discipline of Marine Biology and NAU Institute of Marine Science. Research team comprises 8 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 staff and technicians and over 100 graduate students.

        The 21st century is an ocean-focused century. As a country with a big ocean area, it is very important to develop marine economy for China. To promote the formation of marine economic industrial chain and the development of marine economy for Jiangsu Province and set up a research base of marine biological resource, the JKL-MB/IMS-NAU has to be build a high-level resaerch platform with strong emphasis in marine sciences, and which attached great importance to the researches in Offshore Resources and Ecology, Marine Physiology and Molecular Biology, and Application of Marine Biological Resources.

        Since 2015, the JKL-MB/IMS-NAU has undertaken more than 40 research projects including the national projects, such as national key research & development plan of China and Jiangsu province, and the projects granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The research founds are over 10 million Yuan RMB every year. The Lab has been awarded a first-class Award of S&T Extension from the Ministry of Education, a first-class Award of Scientific Progress from Jiangsu Province, two of the first-class Awards of Innovation and Promotion Award of CIUR. More than 60 articles had been published in SCI and EI journals, and 13 patents including 11 patents for invention were obtained in past three years.  

        The research interests of the JKL-MB/IMS-NAU primarily focus on the following issues:

        Marine Algae Biotechnology

        Marine Biological Active Substances

        Marine Environment and Ecology

        Stress Biology of Coastal Salt-tolerance Plant

        Marine Molecular Biology

        Research and Utilization of Coastal Resources

        Informational Aquaculture in Artificial Seawater

        Director: Dr. Changhai Wang

        Chair of academic committee: Dr. Fazhen Zhao

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