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        Soil GHGs emissions and their response to climate change

        Date: 2014-12-16

        Soil GHGs emissions and their response to climate change

        The research interests in the field of soil C/N cycling and global change included: Soil carbon and nitrogen processes and greenhouse gases (GHGs) fluxes; modeling and inventory of GHGs in Chinese croplands; mitigating potential of agricultural management for GHGs; Soil microbial functional genes predicting soil GHGs fluxes; as well as soil GHGs response to climate change.

        Selected Publications:

        1.Liu S., Ji C., Wang C., Chen J., Jin Y., Li S., Niu S., Zou J.W. 2018. Climatic role of terrestrial ecosystem under elevated CO2: A bottom-up greenhouse gases budget. Ecology Letters, 21: 2108-2118.

        2.Liu S., Lin F., Wu S., Chen J., Sun Y., Jin Y., Li S., Li Z., Zou J. 2017. A meta-analysis of fertilizer-induced soil NO and combined NO+N2O emissions. Global Change Biology, 23: 2520-2532.

        3.Liu S., Hu Z., Wu S., Li S., Li Z., Zou J. 2016. Methane and nitrous oxide emissions reduced following conversion of rice paddies to inland crab-fish aquaculture in southeast China. Environmental Science & Technology, 50: 633-642.

        4.Chen S., Zou J., Hu Z., Chen H., Lu Y. 2014. Global annual soil respiration in relation to climate, soil properties and vegetation characteristics: Summary of available data. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 198: 335-346.

        5.Shang Q.Y., Yang X.X., Gao C.M., Wu P.P., Liu J.J., Xu Y.C., Shen Q.R., Zou J.W. Guo S.W. 2011. Net annual global warming potential and greenhouse gas intensity in Chinese double rice-cropping systems: a 3-year measurement in long-term fertilizer experiments. Global Change Biology, 17: 2196-2210.

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