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        Research Groups

        Solid Waste Disposal and Reutilization

        Date: 2014-12-16

        Solid Waste Disposal and Reutilization

         The interested fields of the research group involved in dewatering and metal removal of sewage sludge by bioleaching, bioleached sludge composting, bio-formation of iron hydroxysulfate in bioleaching environment and its application, municipal refuse separation and treatment, bioconversion of organic solid wastes, land application of wastes, etc.

        Selected Publications:

        1. Zheng G.Y., Zhou L.X. 2011. Supplementation of inorganic phosphate enhancing the removal efficiency of tannery sludge-borne Cr through bioleaching. Water Research, 45: 5295-5301.
        2. Wang S.M., Zheng G.Y., Zhou L.X. 2010. Heterotrophic microorganism Rhodotorula mucilaginosa R30 improves tannery sludge bioleaching through elevating dissolved CO2 and extracellular polymeric substances levels in bioleach solution as well as scavenging toxic DOM to Acidithiobacillus species. Water Research, 44: 5423-5431.
        3. Liao Y.H., Zhou L.X., Bai S.Y., Liang J.R., Wang S.M. 2009. Occurrence of biogenic schwertmannite in sludge bioleaching environments and its adverse effect on solubilization of sludge–borne metals. Applied Geochemistry, 24: 1739-1746.
        4. Zheng G.Y., Zhou L.X., Wang S.M. 2009. An acid-tolerant heterotrophic microorganism role in improving tannery sludge bioleaching conducted in successive multi-batch reaction systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 43(11): 4151-4156.
        5. Xiong H.X., Liao Y.H., Zhou L.X. 2008. Influence of chloride and sulfate on formation of akagan&eacute;ite and schwertmannite through ferrous biooxidation by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans cells. Environmental Science & Technology, 42(23): 8681-8686.
        6. Xiong H.X., Liao Y.H., Zhou L.X., Xu Y.Q., Wang S.M. 2008. Biosynthesis of nanocrystal akagane?ite from FeCl2 solution oxidized by acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans cells. Environmental Science & Technology, 42 (11): 4165-4169.


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