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        Research Groups

        Environmental Biology and Pollution Control in Agricultural Environment

        Date: 2014-12-16

        Environmental Biology and Pollution Control in Agricultural Environment
        Our research focuses on the chemical speciation, transformation and bioavailability of heavy metals/metalloids and persistent organic pollutants in agricultural systems. We use advanced analytical methodologies and molecular biology tools to investigate the mechanisms controlling the transformation of pollutants in soil and the rhizosphere, and their uptake by plants. We aim to develop practical methods to minimize the environmental risk of pollutants and to remediate contaminated soils. We are also interested in how plants cope with aluminum toxicity, which is a limiting factor for crop production in acidic soils.  

        Selected publications:

        1. Ma, J.F., Yamaji, N., Mitani, N., Xu, X.Y., Su, Y.H., McGrath, S.P. and Zhao, F.J. 2008. Transporters of arsenite in rice and their role in arsenic accumulation in rice grain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105: 9931-9935.
        2. Li, R.Y., Stroud, J.L., Ma, J.F., McGrath, S.P. and Zhao, F.J. 2009. Mitigation of arsenic accumulation in rice with water management and silicon fertilization. Environmental Science & Technology, 43: 3778-3783.
        3. Huang, C.F., Yamaji, N., Mitani, N., Yano, M., Nagamura, Y., and Ma, J.F. 2009. A bacterial-type ABC transporter is involved in aluminum tolerance in rice. Plant Cell, 21: 655-667.
        4. Wu, Z.C., Ren, H.Y., McGrath, S.P., Wu, P. and Zhao, F.J. 2011. Investigating the contribution of the phosphate transport pathway to arsenic accumulation in rice. Plant Physiology, 157: 498-508.
        5. Gao, Y.Z., Collins, C.D. 2009. Uptake pathways of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in white clover. Environmental Science & Technology, 43: 6190-6195.
        6. Zhao, F.J., McGrath, S.P. and Meharg, A.A. 2010. Arsenic as a food-chain contaminant: mechanisms of plant uptake and metabolism and mitigation strategies. Annual Review of Plant Biology, 61: 535-559.
        7. Kang, F.X., Gao, Y.Z., Wang, Q. 2010. Inhibition of free DNA degradation by the deformation of DNA exposed to trace polycycli.c aromatic hydrocarbon contaminants. Environmental Science & Technology, 44: 8891-8896.
        8. Zhao, F.J. and McGrath, S.P. 2009. Biofortification and phytoremediation. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 12: 373-380.



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